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Saté Truck is operated by native Indonesian immigrants who started the success of culinary endeavor from a brick and mortar family-operated restaurant called “Satay Sarinah” which for decades has been serving delicious Indonesian cuisine in all its authentic traditional glory using old handed down family recipes. Through many years, the awards and accolades received from the local food industry remain to be a true testament to their main focus on fresh ingredients, quality service, value for money, and most importantly- just good honest food!  

Our Signature Dishes

How come Indonesian food is very famous for its richness of flavor? It is simply because Indonesian food is based on fresh spices and exotic herbs. If you google Indonesian recipes you would quickly notice so many fresh herbs and multitude of exotic spices used in Indonesian cooking, it really is a huge contributing factor as to why Indonesian cuisine is so flavorful and exciting to eat. Saté (*pronounce: "Satay") slices of marinated meat on thin bamboo skewers grilled with an extremely hot charcoal fire, so the meat cooks very quickly while leaving it smoky, tender and juicy. This is a beloved national dish conceived by street vendors and has been one of most celebrated food in Indonesia. Another Indonesian signature dish is called Rendang.  Beef Rendang is truly crazy delicious that it was crowned CNN's number #1 World's Most Delicious Food. The beef is very slowly simmered with coconut milk and a mixture of mashed lemongrass, galangal, garlic, turmeric, ginger, chilies, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, red shallots and a million other secret ingredients, then left to stew for hours to create a dish of tender, flavorful bovine goodness.  You so definitely have to try Rendang and let the world know how tasty it is!

chicken Satay

These tasty meat skewers cook up over coals so hot they need fans to waft the smoke away. The scrappy morsels get marinated in so many exotic spices overnight, barbecued and then bathed in a hearty dose of delicious peanut sauce.

Corn Fritters

Indonesian Corn Fritters! Known in Indonesian as Bakwan Jagung are packed with juicy corn kernels and zingy flavor from Indonesian wonderful spices, These babies are scrumptious, savory and totally addictive!

Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam is a beloved comfort food.  You'll get egg noodles & Bok Choy lathered with Cremini mushroom in savory sesame garlic sauce, topped with braised chicken and served with crispy wontons on the side.

Crispy Wonton

A real crowd-pleaser! Juicy minced meat wrapped in wonton wrappers and fried to perfection to resemble ancient Chinese tiny money bags. Seriously, who can resist all that delicious  goodness wrapped up in crispy shells?  

Customer Testimonials

This food truck is a delight on two accounts! First, everything is so delicious and flavorful, the chicken sate is especially on point. Lots of delicious sauce, yummy tender chicken, flavorful skewers! The fritter were crispy and better than I had hoped. I usually don't even like salad, but the dressing they used was yummy and the produce was very fresh, so I was super happy. Point two is that the crew in charge was such a pleasant person.  It made my day a little brighter!

Toby F.

Just from smelling the truck from afar, I knew I had to try its food. The Saté Truck didn't disappoint- it exceeded my expectations! It came with very flavorful and amazing tender skewers, corn fritters, balsamic salad & rice. The fritters also reminded me of my uncle's corn pudding, but with a chewier crispier consistency. I also was very pleasantly surprised by some cooked onions, which may have been marinated with the peanut sauce- they added a lovely touch of flavor.

Pamela Z.

 Saté Truck is so worth following! When was the last time you've seen a food truck have so many awesome Yelp reviews? That's how you know this one is the real deal. One of the best times I ate off this food truck was when we went to the H street Festival. You'd think that with the long lines, the heat & the massive festival that their quality might come down but nope, they were stellar, as usual. The food always came out quick, very tasty & they give you a lot. Talk about a blast of flavor!

Nini J.





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